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Shadow House

It used to be all about the house. Now it’s all about the yard. I’m afraid I’m turning into one of those people. Seriously, I sometimes look at my life and I ask “Who the hell am I?”

Why Look Here?

The tomb is empty. Love lives. Happy Easter, friends.


Caught in the fog. Caught in the branches. Caught unawares. Caught out. There’s always a catch. A Year Ago: Veranda No amount of googling thus far has enabled me to determine… [read more]

Orange Hospitality

How lucky I am to have friends who offer me hospitality. The warmth of a shared meal extends its glow over the whole day. Two Years Ago: At The Beach Despite the overwhelming importance of the water to Key West… [read more]

Lissitzky Light

Things are a lot sunnier in the recent pictures than they have been in actuality. When it was sunny, over the weekend, it was still miserably chilly. Like a large swath of the country, we are having some no-fooling weather hereabouts. Fortunately, so far today it’s merely been torrential rain. But ice is promised overnight,…

Pole Sitter

The Stylites, or pillar-saints, believed that their ascetic practice of fasting, praying, and preaching while living at the top of a column would mortify their sinful flesh and bring them closer to heaven and Christ. (Maybe it was all just a terrible misunderstanding and God told St. Simon to seek a pillow-top bed?) Pole-sitting was…

It’s Fall

The season is changing again. It’s cold in the evening. My visitors have left. A Year Ago: Geekgasm

Table & Shadow

I know that whoever designed this table intended for the shadow it would cast to be part of its appeal. I love that. One Year Ago: Cup Probably the single most thoroughly competent human being I know is my friend Lynn… [read more]


We all yearn to be acknowledged, to be recognized for who we are what we have contributed. Acknowledgment costs so little and yields rewards all out of proportion. If we are acknowledged, perhaps we will be remembered. Perhaps our time will have been well-spent. Maybe we will leave some trace of our passing. Memorials are…

Welcome to Edwin Place

I wonder if shadows on stairs should be my new new thing. A Year Ago: The Green Life In the middle of one of my treks around the River Arts District and vicinity, I stopped at a juice bar and had a drink composed mostly of green leafy items… [read more]