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Loki in the Snow

By a trick of the eye and software, you can’t clearly see Loki’s leash in this rendition of the photograph. Never mind that sleight-of-hand: what’s astonishing is that instead of standing on the porch expressing his utter disdain and WTF?itude, Loki is seen actually picking his way through an admittedly much-attenuated snowfield. The air was…

Snowy Letterbox

There was a break in the weather, the sun came out, and I put on my boots to take a walk. (I offered Loki a chance to go outside, but he took two steps onto the porch and thought better of it. Lemme back in neeeeeeooooowwwww.) The snow was wetter than last night, since it’s…

Snowfall in Asheville

The big snow is underway. If it keeps up as advertised, we’ll have a foot of snow by the end of the day tomorrow. It’s pretty. Neighborhood children and youngsters are sledding down the steep road on the north side of my yard, even after dark. I’m enjoying being indoors where it’s warm and bright….

If You Don’t Like The Weather…

…wait five minutes. Heavy blizzardy snow. So pretty! I leave the office, scrape off the half-inch of snow that’s fallen in the last ten minutes, and head home. Here’s the scene when I pull into my driveway, about 5 minutes later. Blizzard? What blizzard? This blizzard. Aaaaaand it’s back! Five minutes later it’s coming down…

Warming Trend

I can’t remember ever before longing for the end of winter quite as much as I have this season.


Only the presence of 60+ degree sunshine could make this scene beautiful.

What Winter Should Look Like

If we must have winter, it should look like this: sunny blue skies, bright white snow, large vistas. If I lived in Albuquerque, I would take up skiing again (or snowboarding, maybe). I haven’t thrown myself down a mountain since I was teenager, but the chance to do it in weather like this would tempt…

Have Mercy

Submitted without comment, because ~ really ~ what is there to say at this point? I promise I will try to get somewhere and take pictures of something different and more interesting tomorrow.

The Lion in Winter

…giving new meaning to the term “snowy mane.”


I got out into the wide world, in my car even, twice in two days. I feel almost like a citizen of the universe again! Just in time for more snow tomorrow.