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In The Green

50 Shades of Green

No one’s telling anybody what to do in this scenario. Not even if that’s what they think they want. Freedom. Deal with it. A Year Ago: This is Water [video]

Corner Angles

The Vernal Equinox has come and gone. Supposedly we have turned the corner into Spring. I feel like I’ve been insanely busy, but I don’t seem to have a whole lot to show for it. And today it snowed and then the sun came out and it snowed and then the sun came out and…

Six Seconds of Rain

It went on a lot longer than six seconds—some of the fattest, heaviest raindrops I’ve ever seen. The wetness of this Spring cannot be overstated. A Year Ago: Cupcakes It’s a lot easier to sell soda and cupcakes than it is to sell giclée prints… [read more]

Impulsive [Palette]

There’s a flower riot going on these days. Spring is in full swing and the plants are in such an all-fired rush to get their reproductive wares on display it’s almost unseemly. “POLLINATE ME!!!” they blare with their brazen colors and dangling pistils. The impulse for new and renewed life is everywhere, and very few…


I was surprised to see these classic cypress knees at the Biltmore Estate, in a spot that doesn’t seem to qualify as “wetlands” at all. Even outside a swamp they retain that otherworldly, alien weirdness we seem to inevitably ascribe to organisms that reproduce in unfamiliar ways. Two Years Ago: Otherness Sticky, spiky, raw, strange….

Spring, As Seen From the House O’ Sickness

I will now confess to being somewhat cranky and aggrieved. After all my whining and moaning about the non-arrival of warm weather, behold! All it took was me getting appendicitis and having emergency surgery to cause Asheville to bust out all over in SPRING with a capital S! It is now a gloriously sunny 85°F…

Before Spring

As I sit here this morning, it’s a balmy 36°F and overcast. We’re truly into April and sure, there are some flowering trees and daffodils, but it really doesn’t feel like Spring at all. When the sun shines, it’ll warm your skin (until the wind blows) but not yet your bones. I hope we have…

An Orchid for Easter

I know, it’s supposed to be lillies for Easter. I chose this image not only for its springlike delicacy and freshness, but also because it demonstrates that sometimes transformation is not about changing who we are, but about removing the distortions of perception to reveal a hidden and more beautiful truth. Sometimes it takes a…

Bamboo Spring

Like this tuning-fork of a tree, I’m vibrating to the green impulse of Spring. Today featured the building crisis-du-jour: DOORS. After three months of silence on the subject, all of a sudden I had to provide doors tomorrow or siding could not proceed and then god knows when the crew would be available again. FFS….