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Opening: Closed

Perhaps I’m more easily discouraged than others. Momentum is everything for me. If I can get up a head of steam, I can get anything done and make anything work. But if I run into a long enough stream of small obstacles, my forward motion can grind to a halt and getting anything going again…

RAD Stairwell

The weather was quite uncooperative for David & Lynn’s visit, but that didn’t stop me from having a wonderful time. I hope they enjoyed visiting half as much as I delighted in being able to offer hospitality in my own home. I was glad that David’s kitty allergy didn’t cause him too much grief, despite…

The Last Loop

The signs of age seem universal: speckles, fissures, blotches. The varieties of mar are countless. One thing that can redeem those scars, that can restore the full measure of dignity to the object that bears them, is the patina of loving use. A Year Ago: Menorah Happy Hanukah, friends!… [read more]

Kick The Tire

Do it: KICK THE TIRE. Try before you buy. Don’t buy a pig in a poke. Take a taste test. Go for a spin. See if it suits. Sometimes it can’t be done, and then you have to make a choice based on research or the word of a trusted advisor. But I say—whenever possible—live…

Lexington St. Textures

Yummy urban surfaces and gorgeous weathered colors in downtown Asheville. A Year Ago: Diminuendo I find myself cautiously optimistic… [read more]


The building is derelict. They’re talking about razing the structure and replacing it with a spiffy new hotel and retail space. Yet there’s this ineffectual little lock on a door that can’t possibly have anything of value behind it. Why? And I ask myself: what doors to nowhere have I got locked up? What am…

Rust Grid

What do you get when you go below the rust belt? The rust grid. (Get your mind out of the gutter, people. This is a drain pipe.) This brick wall looks as if the red Carolina clay has soaked right in. A Year Ago: Just Dance

Wear & Tear

I’ve got so many things going on right now my head is spinning. I will be very, very grateful when my home base is finalized, so that I’ll at least have one still point in the midst of all this motion. It’ll be so nice to be sleeping in my own bed at last. A…

How Not To Be Bored

This Too Is Water [Palette]

One of challenges of camera phones is that it’s not always easy to tell what you’ve focused on. I wasn’t really sure what I had until I got it back to my desktop computer and saw it on a large screen. When I took the photograph, I thought it was entirely about pattern and distortion…