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Eight and half hours on the road again, back to Asheville. Sure, I’ll go with the flow—if the flow will go with me. [Once again, updates likely to be sparser.] A Year Ago: Here, Have A Flower This morning, I belatedly remembered that I had no coffee in the house… [read more]

The Big Picture

They’re fascinating, the details. You can get your hands around them. You can inspect them up close. They take your mind off your soggy trouser-cuffs and the enormity of the world and smallness of your place in it. But there, behind you, is the source. There’s the wild, scary, looming beauty—the urspring, the origin, the…

The Promised Land

It’s no surprise that the mountainous forest near Asheville is called Pisgah. A Year Ago: The Face of Friendship This is the look that only a friend can give you… [read more]

Hickory Nut Falls

The updating will all have to wait ’til tomorrow as I am exhausted from the return to DC. A Year Ago: On being celebrated It’s my birthday, and I’m fortunate to have friends and family, near and far, who have expressed their affection for me today… [read more]

Biltmore Stallion

Here, have a horse while you wait. A Year Ago: The Fallow Field These days, more so than ever, you have to choose to go monochrome with an image… [read more]


No words, just a picture. Two Years Ago: The Note Someone ripped it up and discarded it… [read more]

American Dream

Home Sweet Home. Home is where the heart is. If you lived here, you’d be home now. A man’s [sic] home is his castle. In the case of Cornelius Vanderbilt (2nd of that name), that last aphorism was the literal truth. He built Biltmore, the largest private home in America. The estate it stands upon…

Biltmore Arbor Presence

The super-wealthy occasionally do society a favor by having good taste and ultimately making the fruits of their aesthetic choices available to the public. The Biltmore Estate falls into this category, I think. We only dabbled our toes (as it were) in what it had to offer, because the heat today was truly oppressive. I…

Part of the Scenery

The hard part of the trip is over. Tomorrow will be a day of true vacation with Amy, and then back to DC on Friday. A Year Ago: 100º in the Shade What with all the pictures of perky-looking flowers and lush greenery and bustling insects around here lately, you’d think being outdoors was actually…

City Building Light

Amy and I spent about 45 minutes wandering around Pack Square. The City Building’s pink marble and deco decoration caught our attention. A Year Ago: Imperfect View A more skilled photographer would have noticed the blurred twigs impinging on the image as it was taken… [read more]