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It’s been a whirlwind of socializing and blessing and eating and all. I’m pretty tuckered out. But I did want to stop and note that this photograph was taken by a camera phone. A camera. In my phone. Have people already stopped being amazed by this? C’mon, look at it! It’s a macro photo of…

Looming, Green

Maybe if I keep posting pictures of trees I’ll manage to stay calm despite the many things.

Forest Sentinel

I’ve just been crazy busy. Don’t know which way is up. And it’s going to be like this for awhile. I am grateful to all six of my faithful readers for hanging in there with me. Two Years Ago: Neighborhood Sunset We’re all feeling a little brutalized by the weather, in these parts… [read more]

Beetle on Moonrise Maple

I am gifted with glorious friends. For my birthday, not long after I moved into my new home, David & Lynn offered me a tree for my yard. And nearly a year later, I finally got around to redeeming that splendid present. This shows the lovely leaves of my Moonrise Japanese maple. It’s a sapling…

In The Green

Reflection on Pack Square

Sunshine and good company are a big help. A Year Ago: Crudo [Palette] The food at Table was beautiful, delicious, and plentiful… [read more]

A Commitment of Trees

Yesterday I planted 15 tree saplings on my property: 3 redbud, 3 persimmon, 3 black cherry, and 6 crape myrtles. It was the hardest physical work I’ve done in years, and every muscle in body aches today, especially in my hands and forearms from breaking up the heavy, clayey soil. And I still have 6…

A Break in the Weather

Yes, the sky was that blue. And it was warm. More of the same, please. Two Years Ago: Arm in Arm Ah, young love… [read more]

If You Don’t Like The Weather…

…wait five minutes. Heavy blizzardy snow. So pretty! I leave the office, scrape off the half-inch of snow that’s fallen in the last ten minutes, and head home. Here’s the scene when I pull into my driveway, about 5 minutes later. Blizzard? What blizzard? This blizzard. Aaaaaand it’s back! Five minutes later it’s coming down…

Among The Ruins

When I was a young person, I was captivated by the stories of the lost cities of Central America. The etchings and early photographs of archeological wonders eaten up by the jungle—vines and trees swallowing the monumental remains of lost peoples—the romance and mystery of those images remains with me to this day. Even in…