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Yoga Vane

I want to say, on the one hand: TOTALLY ASHEVILLE. And, on the other hand: TOTALLY NOT ASHEVILLE. Because yoga vanity. Because corporate, not crunchy. I guess, like the arrow, it can point a whole bunch of different ways. Two Years Ago: Little Cloud If you want to be a photographer, you have to be…

Graffiti Corner

I love alleyways. I love the behind-the-sceneness of them. Their furtive air, where secrets are enacted out in the open. They are the private life of the urban street. Take sensible precautions, but walk an alley now and then. A Year Ago: Innards Redux My poor digestive tract has not been entirely settled since my…


Asheville’s got a lot of murals, sometimes in hidden, unexpected places. They change pretty often too. This one somehow seems appropriate for the advent of Summer. A Year Ago: Nothing Is Perfect Some people might argue that nothingness is indeed the only possible perfection… [read more]

In This Corner

It’s perfectly natural to pay attention to things that you care about. If you care about your lover, you pay attention to him or her. If you care about justice, you pay attention to the way it is administered in your society. If you care about your appearance, you pay attention to how you look…

Open to the Public

What a difference a couple of days makes. I’m feeling considerably more cheerful and optimistic than I was then. My mood is undoubtedly helped along by spending several hours a day outdoors in bright sunshine. A Year Ago: Pretty Ugly A few years ago, I mentioned the French concept/term jolie-laide… [read more]

Why Look Here?

The tomb is empty. Love lives. Happy Easter, friends.

Reflection on Pack Square

Sunshine and good company are a big help. A Year Ago: Crudo [Palette] The food at Table was beautiful, delicious, and plentiful… [read more]

Beyond the Wire

My mood is pretty messed up, and I’m feeling kinda ropey physically. It’s not a great combination. I’m experiencing the transition to the warmth and growth of Spring as somehow a painful process this season The anniversary of my emergency appendectomy came and went. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. My yard…

Sunlight & Water

Not what you were expecting, maybe. I am grateful for the fabulous warm, sunny weather we’ve had for the last few days. It illuminates everything and makes even the mess of urban construction glow. A Year Ago: Before Spring As I sit here this morning, it’s a balmy 36°F and overcast… [read more]

RAD Stairwell

The weather was quite uncooperative for David & Lynn’s visit, but that didn’t stop me from having a wonderful time. I hope they enjoyed visiting half as much as I delighted in being able to offer hospitality in my own home. I was glad that David’s kitty allergy didn’t cause him too much grief, despite…