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Open to the Public

What a difference a couple of days makes. I’m feeling considerably more cheerful and optimistic than I was then. My mood is undoubtedly helped along by spending several hours a day outdoors in bright sunshine. A Year Ago: Pretty Ugly A few years ago, I mentioned the French concept/term jolie-laide… [read more]

Why Look Here?

The tomb is empty. Love lives. Happy Easter, friends.

Reflection on Pack Square

Sunshine and good company are a big help. A Year Ago: Crudo [Palette] The food at Table was beautiful, delicious, and plentiful… [read more]

Beyond the Wire

My mood is pretty messed up, and I’m feeling kinda ropey physically. It’s not a great combination. I’m experiencing the transition to the warmth and growth of Spring as somehow a painful process this season The anniversary of my emergency appendectomy came and went. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. My yard…

Sunlight & Water

Not what you were expecting, maybe. I am grateful for the fabulous warm, sunny weather we’ve had for the last few days. It illuminates everything and makes even the mess of urban construction glow. A Year Ago: Before Spring As I sit here this morning, it’s a balmy 36°F and overcast… [read more]

RAD Stairwell

The weather was quite uncooperative for David & Lynn’s visit, but that didn’t stop me from having a wonderful time. I hope they enjoyed visiting half as much as I delighted in being able to offer hospitality in my own home. I was glad that David’s kitty allergy didn’t cause him too much grief, despite…

Little Red Love Machine

As I was taking this photograph near Katuah Market, a hipster young man walked by and said, it seemed somewhat sneeringly, “You’re really proud of that scooter, aren’t you?” To which I replied, “It’s not mine, but it sure is pretty.” Maybe he didn’t mean to be supercilious. I hope not, because it really is…

Garage Aura

I was on my way to the movie theatre to see “Nebraska” with Bob, when I had this aesthetic emergency. Looks like it was a monochrome kind of day after all, even with the late appearance of the sun. Apparently, I wound up in black & white two years ago too. Two Years Ago: Late…

Kick The Tire

Do it: KICK THE TIRE. Try before you buy. Don’t buy a pig in a poke. Take a taste test. Go for a spin. See if it suits. Sometimes it can’t be done, and then you have to make a choice based on research or the word of a trusted advisor. But I say—whenever possible—live…

Art Bridge

Unlike yesterday’s modern bridge, today’s was literally passed over. But not by us. No, we stopped to have a look at this urban relic, no longer open to traffic and now frequented mostly by graffiti taggers. Bob knows my penchant for the decrepit and distressed, abandoned architectural elements, the leavings of civilization. We were on…