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Rustic Reflections

[Do not adjust your audio, the movie is silent.] Several inches of picturesque snow today, with the promise of a whole bunch more tomorrow and Wednesday. Thank goodness that Sonali and Micah and I went to the Biltmore Estate yesterday and took a rapid .001 mph stroll partway around Bass Pond, most of which involved…

Art Bridge

Unlike yesterday’s modern bridge, today’s was literally passed over. But not by us. No, we stopped to have a look at this urban relic, no longer open to traffic and now frequented mostly by graffiti taggers. Bob knows my penchant for the decrepit and distressed, abandoned architectural elements, the leavings of civilization. We were on…

Over The River

We went for a late afternoon walk in Hominy Creek Park. Two Years Ago: Classic Bird My trip to Key West is less than two weeks away… [read more]


Spectacular weather arrived yesterday afternoon, and today is more of the same: in the seventies, sunny, dry, gorgeous breeze. I’d be playing hooky but I have work to do this morning and floor duty at Preferred this afternoon. A Year Ago: Strange & Wonderful

Rocky Broad Fountain

A few seconds of natural river action, while I ignore the buckets of water falling from the sky this afternoon. It’s a good day to stay home and bake bread. A Year Ago: If at first you don’t succeed…

Six Seconds of Rain

It went on a lot longer than six seconds—some of the fattest, heaviest raindrops I’ve ever seen. The wetness of this Spring cannot be overstated. A Year Ago: Cupcakes It’s a lot easier to sell soda and cupcakes than it is to sell giclée prints… [read more]

This Too Is Water [Palette]

One of challenges of camera phones is that it’s not always easy to tell what you’ve focused on. I wasn’t really sure what I had until I got it back to my desktop computer and saw it on a large screen. When I took the photograph, I thought it was entirely about pattern and distortion…

Rain & Grit

Asheville’s not all flowers and mountains and sunshine. There’s a small but persuasive seam of urban grit to be found here, and when by god it rains—it rains like hell. Bumcombe and surrounding counties are under a flood warning. (I can practically hear Bob thinking “I left the desert for this?) I’m afraid to go…

French Broad

I’ll admit that the name makes me giggle, as I picture some brassy Parisian dame swaggairing down ze boulevard wizout geeving a feeg for ennywan, espèces de salauds, quoi! But the French Broad River is far more interesting than that. It flows in a northwesterly direction, which is completely and utterly counterintuitive, especially as it…

Last of Autumn